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Flow Research is pleased to let you know about our Celebrity Birthday Calendar for 2015. The idea behind the Celebrity Birthday Calendar is to recognize and remember the achievements of some of the historical pioneers of instrumentation who have made possible many of the technical advances we take for granted today. Pioneers such as Daniel Bernoulli, Osborne Reynolds, Gaspard-Gustave Coriolis, Theodore von Karman, and Anders Celsius all made substantial contributions to the history and science of instrumentation. These contributions are recognized in the calendars, along with their birthdays.

Perhaps you’ve heard it said that a statesman is a dead politician. While this saying is a little cynical, it illustrates the fact that we tend to glorify people after they are gone, and build them up into a stature that may go far beyond what they really were. This seems to be more the case, the farther in the past the persons are. So, for example, the Greek and Roman heroes seem almost god-like, even though they lived in times that were relatively simple compared to our complex societies today. Somehow the centuries seem to magnify their achievements.

Just as there were in previous centuries, there are pioneers of instrumentation alive today who will be remembered for their contributions. Flow Research has undertaken the task of interviewing contemporary pioneers of instrumentation to better understand how they came to their discoveries and how they built their companies. So far, we have interviewed the founder(s) of Sierra Instruments, Fluid Components Int’l, Kurz Instruments, and McCrometer. Most of these interviews have been published in the Market Barometer, which is part of the Worldflow Monitoring Service. Our plan is to continue this series, so you can look forward to future interviews in the Market Barometer, if you subscribe to our Worldflow service.

In addition to the pioneers of instrumentation recognized in this calendar, it contains explanations of many of the knowledge websites we support. Some of these websites feature flow studies, while others are "just for fun." We hope you will become familiar with these websites, and use them as sources of information.

In 2009, we added many celebrity birthdays. While the Pioneers of Instrumentation are celebrities in their own right, many people follow the ups and downs of their favorite actors, actresses, and singers. We hope these celebrity birthdays will add another dimension of enjoyment for you if you enjoy following the lives of celebrities. In 2010. we added more celebrity birthdays.

In 2011. we added more celebrity birthdays, and were also able to obtain some good pictures of some of our favorite celebrities. In addition, we have added some of our own "flow celebrities," who we refer to as "movers and shakers of flow." For more details, request the 2015 calendar, or go to our website www.LegendsOfFlow.com.

The calendar also contains some “fun facts” about dates and years that various products were invented or patented. The source of these dates was the software used to format the calendar. We hope you enjoy these “fun facts,” as well as the other features of the calendar. To receive a free copy of the 2015 Celebrity Birthday Calendar, use our E-Z Faxback Response Form.

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